suckling the lighting port on my phone to get any extra phone juice out

@hyperlink one of these days you're gonna take off your shirt and right there in the middle of your stomach there'll be an iphone screen like a god damn teletubby

@dandelion god this unironically would rule so fuckin bad

@a_bun @hyperlink PSA: you can do a videodrome if you want to, you can leave your friends behind

@dandelion @a_bun cuz your friends aren't apps and if they're not apps then they aint no friends of mine

@hyperlink @a_bun but yeah, take it from someone whose fursona is like 50% plants, you can just fuckin add whatever to that shit. iphone skin is within your grasp

@dandelion @a_bun every day i get one step closer to will toledo's digital gas mask with bunny ears fursona

@hyperlink @a_bun @dandelion I like it because of Debbie Harry but I also hate it because of James Woods.

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