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Are you just making polls to get one to 69%

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Nude o'clock, boosts+ 

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Nude, how to take a butt pic, boosts ok 

Cleavage, eye contact 

@andi @a_bun doggie got OwO (OwO owo owo σωσ O͙w͙O͙ O͙w͙O͙ O͙w͙O͙ O͙w͙O͙ )

@fakemaxkeeble @a_bun She has cute toes! (She has cute toes!) / She's friends with crows!

retoots from snouts are known as "boosts with the fur (with the fur)"

why do u need to know what gender i am bro just pet me

why doesn't my lewd alt display correctly on this monitor? 

archaeologists lifting the big tarp we put over america, 5000 years in the future. they put it back

One Piece, discourse, cursed, kink, food, tf 

selfie, ec, please clap 

bill help begging 

What I learned yesterday when I joined a DBZ stream with zero DBZ knowledge

Each MC has a normal, a Golden Graham, and a Booberry rendition.

Vegeta is smol

They can combine, which is not gay even if they thrust hip first and dance.

There are 2 Booberry Vegetas: himbo and neckday. Neck day vegito freaks me out.

Bora is bad. And everyone should feel bad

Tien is an alien.

There's a character named Xeno Vegito and Xeno Gogeto. And it makes me laugh that they rhyme

Girls im into :

- nerds
- Goth
- punks
- vampires
- demons
- femmes
- butches
- tall
- strong
- all of them actually
- the vampires again
- still like nerds
- im a lesbian
- tall strong demons
- butches
- im very gay

The best thing about Celeste is that is reminded us all about a few things

1) games are supposed to be fun

2) games that are hard as shit dont have to be behind a skill wall

3) cute lore is good

4) accessibility tools should be natural and don't ruin the game for anyone.

HELLO HERE IS SOFT SOUNDS FOR HARD TIMES № 2, A 27 minute music adventure I'm EXTREMELY proud of. Name Your Price, even free, but if you wanna help me get some groceries and maybe see anamanguchi next month I would super appreciate it! Please share!

anyways if you art and you know how to make twitch emojis...i mean do i even have to explain at this point :mintshrug: artists hit me up #art #commissions

The culture of hyper masculinity folks see in Black communities descends from hundreds of years of Slave owner propaganda both feminizing and dehumanizing them. That’s where the unassuming high voiced Black drawl comes from in early B&W talky movies. Black men were lynched for appearing too Threatening/Masculine so submitting to social castration was a form of survival and lived oppression.

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