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Are you just making polls to get one to 69%

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Nude, how to take a butt pic, boosts ok 

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professors who don't put their office hours online anywhere - that just means infinite hours. im here. its 11:43 pm. sign my form.

the gay experience™ 

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elections don't go away because you ignore them. the consequences of elections do not go away because you ignore them. you personally might not be affected by four more years of this shit, but a lot of non-white, vulnerable people like me *will*.

my family lives or dies based on food stamps. we already don't eat consistently because even with food stamps we are exceptionally poor. there is no alternative for someone like me. there is no alternative for a lot of people.

a large number of the people who are most receptive to socialism, for example, are people who are basically and completely fucked if trump gets a second term because he wants to gut things like food stamps, what remains of the american welfare state, access to healthcare of all kinds, and other policies which are functionally classicidal

as much as white socialists love to equivocate about how both american parties are the same because they're both liberal, capitalist parties, there are very clear material differences in outcomes between the policies of these parties and those material outcomes do fucking matter for people who are otherwise at the fringes of society

people who keep asking for a new chrono trigger game have no idea what they're saying. chrono trigger was the perfect storm of talent and production costs. we will never get anything like it again. please stop praying for this i don't want a chrono trigger mobile game from SQEX that gets cancelled in 3 months

Me: *posts a post*
Someone: *interacts with that post*
Me: *looks at the notification bubble* Oh shit I did a heck.

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