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Are you just making polls to get one to 69%

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Nude o'clock, boosts+ 

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Nude, how to take a butt pic, boosts ok 

Are there any good sites or software to watch shows and movies with friends? + video chat blah blah blah?

lewd shitpost 

morbid, cursed, I think this is just bad but the thought keeps occurring to me 

I look hot as shit but I can't get a good selfy so you'll just have to take my word for it

every horse is infinitely muscular than any other living being will ever be and that's cursed as all hell

video selfie, i do not look cute, boosts++++ 

"wow cassidy i sure wish you would put out a new video and it would be one where you're covered in blood and also talking about using dating apps as a trans person"

calm down you little freak, i got you.

nude boob selfie, boosts ok 

new england housing request from past roommate, boosts requested 

four photos of my garden, in order:

- squash, corn, beans, peppers, tomatoes I planted when I realized things would be shut down across the US for a while, and I could get away with gardening in the adjacent parking lot. (yes it's early even for central NC for this, we've had long summers recently and I have plenty of seed rn)
- garlic planted same day. spring onions transplanted from the compost pile
- soil management & planting area, in back is social space
- clay processing area

make capitalists responsible for the entire life cycle of their products and capitalism is over

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