Ok, I've charted out all the gay that exists

Eight days after the Masquerade of Reparations you make a deal with Renda Mohair, your venturesome godchild in an olivine lab coat.

Breaks our heart to know that some people aren't even a little gay

@a_bun I just wanna see a nice mothsona and fireflysona every day for the rest of my life and I dunno why that's so hard

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Emotions and trans feels (negative), selfie, ec 

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lately our TL frequently includes glaceons being adorable with one another and we take this as a sign that we have pleased some minor deity otherwise unknown to us

Kin folks are fine. Relax about it.

Link, you must use the Sweet-Ass-Radical Axe of the Goddess to awaken the Seven Sages and prevent Ganon from bumming everyone out with his totally downer vibe

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