I feel Validated wrt my salt eating habit

if ur not trans and/or nb dont read this

OK hi every trans and/or nb person I lov u

People get mad if you say drama but clearly something is going on and I have no idea what

Look I'm not in your discord so im out of the loop generally and no one ever wants to explain anything and that's fine but here's thing if you're just gonna vaguepost and not actually tell me what happened then don't get pissy later when I didn't block the person you're mad at

I do not have psychic powers

perhaps discussion should shift towards how my selfies are good and should be boosted

caps, I don't understand secrecy 

hello I actually did not come from Twitter but I guess I have very interesting timing HAHA
I draw a lot of Splatoon and MapleStory so if that extremely niche combination is your jam then come right on down 😂👌
Find me on insta @ chiizura! Cheers! ✌️

larry niven\ringworld shitpost, furry-adjescent 

Imagine you're a mastodon admin.

You have to agree to ban nazis to get your server listed on joinmastodon.org, which would give a big boost in visibility to your server.

But you also have to have open registration, which means you also have to agree to allow nazis to join your server.


I wish y’all could see this color IRL, it’s so matte, rich and vivid, it’s almost hard to look at

caps, I don't understand secrecy 

tossing another wheelbarrow of gamers into the dungeon

this isn't art or anything I just need everyone to see how cute my girlfriend @Camas is HHHHHHhhh look at this cute fall outfit..wow.. (selfie, no ec)

this all couldve been said months ago

@DellaDragoness nwn

Folks who don't know me: W...w....WHAT????

My partners: This was inevitable I knew I would die at her hands

My mufos: ADORABLE 😍

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