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Intro and Boundaries 

Hi I'm Zenith! Its nice to meet you!

My horny thoughts can get a little intense, I like what I like. I CW pretty much everything.

If you wanna flirt with me, I'd appreciate asking me first via DM!

Anything else beyond & we might need to get to know each other first.

Boosts are ok.

I will occasionally post nudes but I am early in my transition so my body might isn't quite what I'd like it to be (femme-androgenous). It is a work in progress. 💙

Gender assumption (woman/girl), Genital assumption, lewd but funny 

Women who use ":3" and "<3" have huge 🍆s :blobcatmmm:

Lonely whining 

Feeling polyunsaturated right now. 🥺 💔

Girls are soft, even when they're hard.

I like girls.

Transfem transitioning, Shit post, NSFW 

No one:
Absolutely no one:
Not a single soul:
My testicles:

highly lewd, silly 

how's this? oh, you like that? you're gonna cum? yeah, I'm gonna make you cum?

lmao like SO true bestie 💯💯

Lewd joke but innocent 

Voice feminization makes me wet. 💦

Cause water spills all out of my cup. 🥺

Flirty, slightly kinky joke 

I need moral support. 🥺 💖

But the "m" is silent. 😏 💓

Nude for your viewing viewing pleasure // Boost appreciated 🥺✨ 

An old nude I really like, please share if you think I'm cute 🥺💖

Meta, about future content (audio) 

About over a month ago I promised lewd audio of myself. I live in a really cramped living situation so its difficult for me to find a good time to do it where I am afforded some privacy. However when I have done it I've hated how my voice turns out and the dysphoria prevents me from enjoying it & uploading it. :blobcatgooglytrash:

I'll be happy to revisit trying this again in a year after I've had some time to feminize my voice. :heart_trans: :heart_nb:

Trans Girls With Bulges Belong at the Beach

“We can demand a world where trans women get to choose whether to get bottom surgery or tuck, not from a place of fear or shame, but from a place that centers our autonomy.”

HRT, Medical, Meta about Horny 

Doctors: Ok so just so you know this will make you lose your sex drive
Me a month in: *Becomes hornier than anyone could ever even imagine* :bowsette:

Lewd generalized femminization joke 

When you've been taking e long enough you lose the ability to cum but can still climax.

Cuddly Thoughts 

Thinking about being cuddles by multiple cuties at once, living together and just existing with one another. 🥺 💖

At first I was worried my libido was stating to go away, but its starting to come back again.

HRT is weird. :blobcat_mlem:

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