Smacked my skull *hard* on the back hatch of my van. Saw stars, rattled my teeth, and knocked me to the ground.

7 years ago, I wrote a chrome extension, and forgot about it. Someone asked me about it, and I discovered it got unpublished at some point. So I spent yesterday rewriting it, updating it to work with the v3 api, and optimizing it wit tings I've learned in the last 7 years. Still rubbish with javascript, but I'm pretty pleased with it thus far. I think the rewrite will make it easier to make it for other browsers, too.

I'd like to widen my circle a bit. If you've gotten to know me at all in the last year, and you can think of anyone that I would enjoy following, could you suggest them to me? I'd like to write more, and meeting more people would be a good motivation. :)

A movie that resonated with me when I was much younger was Pump Up the Volume. It's a movie that wouldn't work today, because of... well... the internet.

But it spoke to me as a creative, quiet kid, who couldn't talk to girls, and couldn't connect with boys. I found my voice online, in the very early days of the internet, on BBS systems like Augsburg and Eagle's Nest. I just didn't know where that voice would carry me.

I still recommend the movie. If you've not seen it.

@WillowMist My spouse was in an auto accident today, and while we sit at the ER to see if she has any injuries that need attention, I’m sitting here distracting myself by baring my heart to random people. I’m gonna stop now, but I plan to say more soon. I know this isn’t much of a post for my “Dark side” but I actually feel like I’ve gotten to know people better via this account.

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@WillowMist a lot of kids that were on the verge of realizing or accepting things about their sexuality, their gender. and I still remained oblivious. I’m so proud of those kids, and more than a little jealous. I’ve come out to a couple of them, and I’m so happy to have touched their lives and given them a space they felt safe in.

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@WillowMist i grew up in the rural Midwest. there were no words to describe how I felt, so it just ended up being “he’s awkward”. i didn’t know I had adhd. they never even tried to diagnose me. i dropped out of school, I worked so hard to fit in. i found solace in tabletop gaming, and for a while, had a store for all sorts of tabletop. we attracted all sorts of people, a lot of high school kids.

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I’m old. I’m scared. i live vicariously on the internet, most recently on the Fediverse. I’ve made a few friends, but I suck about sharing much about myself. maybe it’s because I’m afraid of being outed at work.

I keep doing things that may sabotage the effort to stay hidden, though. the hrt, the abandoned attempts to sound more masculine.

i will probably be out before I was fully prepared to be, I know that. if I don’t think about it, maybe it’ll just happen.


Having a pretty low day today. i kinda feel like I'm trying too hard to fit in, and that just leaves me feeling like I've always felt.

Hello sexy people, cats, wolves, vampires, kobolds, dogs, and more. I love you all.

Feeling lonely. My non-lewd account's instance has been down for a day or so.

I need to expand my circle a bit. So hi, I'm Willow. I use this account to post the very occasional lewd thought or picture. More than anything I like responding and engaging with people. So if you'd like a middle aged trans woman to gush over whatever it is you're up to, feel free to follow me. (Boosts appreciated)

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This is new for me so please be gentle. And pay no heed to my flat ass chest :(

I've now got instances for Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, Peertube, Funkwhale, and Friendica. Now, to figure out which one I like best. I guess that counts as doing something tonight.

Every morning, I get two emails with the same content, and different titles. They're really barking up the wrong tree:

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