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Hi! I'm Vell, or Bryn, I go by either. I'm an amab nb-femme. Studying forensic psychology so I can tell you all the ways acab. Very eclectic in my interests. Compulsively kind empath. Pagan and queer. Anti-fascist and pro-revolution. Will update this.

I'm joining the Bad News Bears. If you need me I'll be playing the field with the team.

Considering making an alt. Anyone know a good instance for academic-style topics etc?

Sometimes, in fact, more than sometimes. I would even say often times, there are times that, sometimes, regularly, involve the usage of such things as to require us at times, to both act and exist with items that may or may not always exist. This occurrence, often, or even only sometimes, requires that we, as people, act in a way that accomplishes goals that, can be, at times, necessary. Many do not think that this occurs, but in fact, it does.

Someone, somewhere, right now, is being observed by a duck. For just pennies a day you can hurl pennies at the duck to get them safe. Together, we can all end the duck threat to our privacy.

Worldpol, corruption 

Remember when the Panama papers were released and then disappeared as if nothing ever happened?
The lovely woman behind the exposé might tell you something happened from it.

world pol, birdsite 

Remember when we found out that one of the Twitter executives worked for British Military Intelligence PsyOps division? No? Weird.

YouTube, song 

YOOO the lovely guys over at the men's bathroom choir finally did it, the madlads. I can't believe what they did.

So I don't know who needs to hear this today, but a certain common retail USB-C chargers could fly you to the moon if you used the chips in them correctly. Just saying, your phone charger is potentially a better computer than the Apollo computer that got us to the Moon.

This one goes out to all my followers and people who interact with me:

Can you tell me if you like me please~
Cause I've got dumb gay bitch disease

So no one told me this, but the American Duchess blog/vlog is hella dope. Guess who's learning about 1830s dress making today 😎

Bird site, screenshot, actually funny if you live in Massachusetts 

If you've ever traveled in Boston by the T, this image text is audible.

The one thing no one expects: the Spanish Inquisition.
But they have a weakness!
Inspector Gadget. He always expects the unexpected.


The best descriptor I have for it that comes to mind, is off motor oil and toothpaste combined into a soda.
It's gross, I highly recommend it.

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So the old phrase "You got moxie," or, in the movie The Sting where many know it, "You got moxie, kid." Comes from the soda, not the other way around. Moxie, the soda from Maine and a New England staple, was advertised as needing a certain confidence or constitution to drink. And as such this ad campaign led to the phrase. So the next time you wanna give someone cred for their confidence, hit'em with the old "you got moxie". Also, it's my favorite soda and it's fucking disgusting. I love it.

So my next session at school had me taking a course on crisis intervention. And one of our books for the class is about the role of fear in keeping yourself safe.
It goes over a lot of the behaviors that signal particular forms of violence but the one thing it stresses over all:
If your instinct says you're in danger, 99% of the time you are. Your brain is biologically wired to detect patterns and the number one most important pattern is the one that keeps you alive. Listen to your gut, it knows

There's something about proximity, I don't know what it is- but I'm getting close.

People who don't know the difference between entymology and etymology bug me in ways I can't put into words.

Meme, witch 

I totally forgot I had this in my phone. I feel it's relevant to some people I know.

Query: I've had a couple of my coworkers who I interact with regularly who say I have a good public speaking and oratory skills. They're suggesting I write and record audio essays to share. Is this even a thing? Just write long form essays and record them spoken aloud, is that something anyone would listen to?

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