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ive been enjoying fussing with the colors of pictures lately. just little changes can really idk make it feel entirely different.

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me at the beach watching a crab pinch me and steal one of my snacks: bless the maker and his water. bless the coming and going of him.

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monkeypox, homophobia 

"'The men who have sex with men community.' is a phrase you've never heard before. There's a reason.

They made it up because they can't call [it] a sexually transmitted infection. It isn't. But they want to imply it passes only through sexual contact."

"Many people will be infected, suffer, and possibly die because of this assault on the queer community. They are being sacrificed willingly and knowingly to achieve the end goal of attacking queers."

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If we called it “applied statistics” instead of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” we’d probably get fewer people asking if the computer is alive.

can't sleep. just lying awake in bed, listening to old cassettes on my mom's old walkman. not sure where she got the tape full of bulgarian folk music, but it sure is something.

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thinking abt women with back muscles again oops,

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I'm going to let you in on a secret: The far right never needs any excuse at all to make things as bad for minorities as they can manage, with or without martyrdom, and the moderates who are fair-weather "friends" when it's convenient literally never did shit for you except take credit for the work of radicals when it became aesthetically viable to do so

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"It took me years to realize that Inca and pre-Columbian architecture is directly related to the structure of the corn kernels. In a western model of thought, one might judge the shapes as irregular, but in a universal thought, everything is a correlation between the cosmos, science, art and humanity. Fractal nature.
As you can see, the organic growth forms are represented in a logarithmic way, and the fact that these pentagonal, hexagonal and heptagonal blocks coincide with the corn forms." - Juan Casco
Note: The lack of symmetry in the walls helps dissipate the energy of the earthquakes. They were incredible engineers. Japanese researchers studied Machu Picchu after the Kobe earthquake and realized that these Inca structures had not been damaged by an earthquake.

sure, everyone loves sword lesbians, but what about machete pansexuals? (selfie, blade)

implied lewd misuse of haircare equipment 

look, i know that this is a curling iron, and that sticking it in a certain orifice would be a VERY bad move, but i can't just look at a thing shaped Like That and NOT get any ideas, okay?

The local pride event happens to fall on the three-year anniversary of my realizing I'm trans. Happy fuckin' pride, everybody! (selfie ec)

decided to try waterproofing that cute anorak vest i got last month. i think I wound up going too heavy on the beeswax on the hood. i need to get a hair dryer to help melt the wax more evenly and get it into all the seams; the iron i got from the antique store isn't cutting it.

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"trans women oppress femboys by taking up all-male spaces", "transfem butches oppress transfem femmes by passing as transmasc", thank god the unhinged tumblr pride takes are back this june

nature is, well, not healing exactly but something

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butch trans woman who takes estrogen and gets bottom surgery but then they decide to be a femboy and take testosterone and get surgery again to get a tdick and then as a femboy transition again to become a trans woman

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once I got suspended in high school for signing a petition to get padded rests installed on urinals for students with extra long penises.

a butterfly kept landing on me and trying to drink from my shirt today (selfie)

Today I'm thinning all the plums that have insect damage. So far, that's most of them. The plum curculio sure puts the "evil" in "weevil."

i've been pressing the four-leaf clovers i find. had to empty out the cookbook i was using since i found a patch with a bunch of five-leaf ones

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