Stopped by the farm I worked at last summer to say hi and have dinner. Turns out they have a bunch of farm kittens now!

Going dress shopping with my aunt and cousin and I think I've struck gold. (selfie no ec)

Just had a job interview that went pretty well, and I should hear back whether or not I got the position tomorrow.

IDK; she looks hireable to you, right? (selfie ec)

O-ring acquired. It seems to hold up with minimal leakage under an impromptu positive pressure test, so I think I'm all set.

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I was right, adding an exhalation valve filter was pretty easy. A 3M 604 with one of the mounting hooks broken off and a bit of fishing line, and it's good to go. Now all I need is an o-ring to put around the base of the port cover and this will be fully sealed for source control (selfie ec)

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it looks like a 3M 604 exhalation valve filter will fit on it with a little modification, so the PD-100 can be given proper source control! also, it looks real good with the anorak vest that i waterproofed with beeswax. very post-apoc chic. (selfie ec)

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a damn shame that no one seems to give a shit about masking up amidst an airborne pandemic. guess it's gonna be up to me to try and make proper PPE fashionable by serving cute looks with my new mask (selfie ec)


when you go up to michigan for the weekend and get a bunch of blueberries, you just gotta bake a blueberry pie. that's just the way things work.

sure, everyone loves sword lesbians, but what about machete pansexuals? (selfie, blade)

implied lewd misuse of haircare equipment 

look, i know that this is a curling iron, and that sticking it in a certain orifice would be a VERY bad move, but i can't just look at a thing shaped Like That and NOT get any ideas, okay?

The local pride event happens to fall on the three-year anniversary of my realizing I'm trans. Happy fuckin' pride, everybody! (selfie ec)

decided to try waterproofing that cute anorak vest i got last month. i think I wound up going too heavy on the beeswax on the hood. i need to get a hair dryer to help melt the wax more evenly and get it into all the seams; the iron i got from the antique store isn't cutting it.

a butterfly kept landing on me and trying to drink from my shirt today (selfie)

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