a damn shame that no one seems to give a shit about masking up amidst an airborne pandemic. guess it's gonna be up to me to try and make proper PPE fashionable by serving cute looks with my new mask (selfie ec)

@Squiddy need to get myself a mask but i dont know what to buy eicnenfir aaaaa

@lyncia What are you looking for? Full- or half-face? I've been using a 3M 6200 (available at most hardware stores) with 7093 P100 filters for the past 8 months or so. My new mask is a Strong ST-S100 (sold in the US by Parcil as a PD-100), which takes 3M filters or its proprietary screw-on ones with included adapters. Pretty much any elastomeric mask with N95 filters is gonna give you good protection, with P100 filters being even better. There's also stuff from MSA, Dentec, etc.

@lyncia I'd recommend 3M or 3M-compatible masks, since you can find them and their filters basically anywhere. i'm also using 3M's model 604 filter on the exhaust port of the mask for source control, to filter my exhaled air so I don't spread anything I have. Most elastomeric masks AREN'T designed for source control, so this is something to watch out for.


@lyncia There have been a few new SC masks released since the start of the pandemic, though, like the MSA Advantage 900 or the Dentec Comfort-Air. The Advantage 900 features a voicemitter diaphragm, so you aren't muffled as much when speaking. Those two masks, however, operate so you breathe in AND out through the main filters, meaning they can get really humid as moisture gets trapped inside the filters and humidifies incoming air.

@lyncia The separate filter on the exhaust port, like with the 3M, means you preserve one-way airflow, keeping moisture down. It does come at the cost of severely muffling your voice, though, as the 3M masks lack a voicemitter. My ST-S100 doesn't have this issue, despite my jury-rigged exhalation filter, thanks to its built-in voicemitter.

@lyncia Another half-mask respirator i've heard good things about is the GVS Elipse. It's pretty light and compact and has source control variants (including proper one-way airflow on the P3 filter model). The main issue is that the filters aren't readily sold most places, so you'd have to order replacements online.

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