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legs, dick, flirts from friends and trans folk encouraged 

lounging without undies

don't talk to me before i've had my girlfriend's mouth around my dick. or my coffee.

selfie, nude, bulge, titties, ec 

"after work" she said. I saw my tits in this tight shirt and got pumped.

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selfie, not lewd, might take lewds in it after work tho 

found my terezi shirt in the laundry and decided to go for maximum "fashion debacle but sexy"

God being horny at work is inconvenient. I would much rather be pinning a girl to the bed and gyrating on top of her.

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I think I just like the word cock right now but I p much always want to be in a room where at least one cock is in at least one orifice or hand

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I think more girls should fantasize about me playing with their cocks tbh

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honestly there should be at least two girls kneeling in front of me hungry for my cock, I think it's good when girls want girls inside them


wow I got a good girlbulge today. shame it's wasted on being at work in pants

nsfw as hell text. genitals. girldick (+) 

I really like having a dick. I love getting really fucking excited by teasing a cutie and feeling that excitement bulge against my clothes, then having to hide the physical results by squeezing them between my legs, and getting all the more excited by that pressure.

girlbulge, boosts and flirts from anyone not cis welcome 

this dress is not exactly conducive to concealing excitement!


"last night tyzias gave Nepeta the biggest orgasm this body has ever had" is a new sentence

hey shrikes i have a message from Kate on the shrike club outage. basically she's on it.

she is not stupid tho, I don't spread that part of the message

very strange recent realization is that i *love* doing possessive gestures with jade (holding the back of her neck, calling her "all mine", etc) when we're alone, but just as much I love that we are both completely free to love whoever we want. It sounds like a contradiction but it makes perfect sense to me and it's really really nice.

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