bruh, theres a dude walking around campus with a palutena hentai shirt, like a pinup that yeah ive seen, but just her tits and coochie censored and like walked right in front of a group of high school kids that came to see the uni and stuff

im freezing my tits off in class, who the fuck thought the animation labs needed to be sub zero all the time, we dont even use these pcs to render the fucking renderfarm has its own freezer cube

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mutual aid req, please boost!! 

please keep boosting and donate it you can, I only have enough food for another day or so

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god i cook so well i should be someones trophy wife fr fr

jus a wife to sit on her lap, listen to her and her orders and obey and spoon with her too and cook together and cuddle and be obnoxiously corny with and uh bite

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grinding against my pillow for two to three hours in the morning cuz i just couldnt cum in the way i wanted and woke up extremely worked up

the fact Daisuke had to come out and say out loud Bridget is trans is so good specially after some Japanese devs stay quiet but its actually sad he had to do this as people keep spreading misinformation about "bad" endings and impersonating emails

gummies truly are the pinaccle of human inventions

the pieces they had are not like super pretty, moons for my earrings and a triangle thing for my helix but in three months ill be able to change then to whatever i want once its healed

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piercings done, starting to belive my uncle who was a doctor that i do have high pain resilience

gw will not convince me that after battle they dont take their armor all sweaty and tired and

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40Ks biggest flaw is making people think that the sisters would not be full of lesbians

sorry babe i dont have the Sans mii costume for smash, i have good taste sorry :(

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