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y'all there's someone in my camming room rn whose username is "nynicolettelover" omg 😭

introduction, lewd, nudity, genitals, camming 

still in awe at how powerfully relevant this instance name is for me as a camgirl lol

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under communism everyone gets a comfortable gd bed and a room with thick walls

Chaturbate has a stats API with stuff like viewer count, tips in last hour, etc., i should code something to keep track of them while i'm streaming, maybe eventually also something to give me a graphical report sorta like the one you can get from Twitch

man, i already have 29 followers which is wild considering that only 2 of them are me

I kinda wonder if I should write a script (or see if one already exists) to send a DM to all of my followers on my old account notifying them that I moved to this one

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introduction, lewd, nudity, genitals, camming 

it'll be a little bit of a pain but i might go through my followers on my Switter profile, check which ones seem active, and DM them about it individually

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