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I dunno what my "full potential" is but it probably involves getting headpats over the internet

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So, hi! This is my "horny off maid" ac-- okay, that was a hilarious typo but it is the exact opposite of what this account is for.

Anyway, trans lesbian. Kinky, biggest kink appears to be "consent". Sona is "devil, whose sona in turn (or possibly whose gender) is 'catgirl'."

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lewd dream report, Second Life 

Oh yeah, the other night I dreamed that I was in Second Life and there was this sort of bondage-place (possibly with RLV?) with like rows of stalls/lockers you were bound in, and it specifically had a place for demon-girls *y'know, like me*

“practice safe sex, by making sure to cap your activities to 12 volts”

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from the kink labs, d/s? 

having a raid leader with rules on what equipment you can wear to raid-- not based on stats, but based on whether or not it shows off enough tummy and thigh

oop, guess the stats on those aren't high enough to be frontline DPS... guess it's time to learn a support class!

Soft nudity 

Also the swimsuit and naked version to better appreciate all the patterns his new shape give her !

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from the fetish labs 

offering YCHs of your fursona naked in the dark [it’s a black rectangle]

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from the fetish labs 

being naked in the dark

it’s like being able to get away with exhibitionism! nobody will know you’re naked, if they don’t turn on the light…

i wonder how much money monster energy could make by selling novelty smaller-sized cans to femboys

switchy kink 

I need like, lovers to rivals

Partners who develop a healthy relationship with a solid baseline of trust and reliability, then use that as a springboard into competitive, fiery switchy kink play

kink, coils, affection, in-world roleplay 

not exactly the kind of bite she had in mind for this scene, but she definitely didn't complain💕 🐍

shoutout to pleasures of the flesh. shoutout to sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, etc. that shit owns

petplay kink 

The pet who sits by the throne, composed and proud, gets only the occasional scritch from their owner. A disappointment, for sure, but one they can overcome with enough insistent prodding and nuzzling... if they're willing to suffer the cooing and awwing of anyone who notices it.

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tech kink 

Robofriend with hotswappable personality disks

apparently its nonbinary awareness week, so: hi, i'm nonbinary. for me, that means i:
- am not a man
- am not a woman
- am not trying to become either a man or a woman
- am not a human
- am not mortal
- cannot be killed
- have an insatiable bloodlust
- can be pacified only by tribute of gold
- make dark pacts with fell sorcerors to grant them unholy powers in exchange for their souls

Romantic erotic or chaotic at reader (genitals) (mild dubcon) 

Imagine, if you will, your roommate coming up behind you as you're getting dressed, saying "oh, let me get that for you!" and promptly plunging both hands down your pants to tuck your dick. When they finish, they pat your inner thigh, say "there we go, much better!" And kiss you on the cheek before leaving the room.

How many apples could you fit into a 1 gallon container?

this feels like kink. bondage for robots, I guess 

copper mesh Faraday cage corsets for robots to cut off their EMF senses

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