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The Cracker Problem 

Part 1 | Protocols of the wise Cracker elders of Europa
Part 2 | Obsessions of the Crackers
Ch 1. Cracker influence in wars and land disputes
Ch 2. Cracker control of industry and private land
Ch 3. Crackers and their countries
Ch 4. Crackers and fertility
Ch 5. Crackers and cissy-straggotism
Ch 6. Crackers and colonization
Part 3 | What must be done
Ch 1. Definition of genocide
Ch 2. Ten Stages of Genocide
Ch 3. Methods
Ch 4. Exceptions for the Good Ones

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We've got you surrounded! Clean your room!

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I am bigoted against: 

Conservatives; libs; capitalists; psychiatrists; cissy-straggots; neurotypicals; trinitarian Christians; smokers; breeders; people who use MM/DD/YYYY date format; people who use 12 hour time; monolinguals; g*mers; weebs; crypto bros; people who have a Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram account; console peasants; Apple product users; suburbanites; and car owners.

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Ojalá que Gringolandia muera, y muera pronto.


I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the crackers and mayos, on this special date, 11 September.

My school rescinded COVID vaxx requirement 

The official statement has dogwhistles and doublespeak. There's still an indoor mask requirement for now. I'm glad that I picked all online classes this fall. Hopefully I'll transfer to a 4-yr university in Spring.

Photo of me with a celeb 

Did security for some rap artist today /lighthearted

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"American soldiers died protecting your freedoms!" it's not working. clearly the solution is that we have to kill even more American soldiers.

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depression levels are currently at 80% but fluctuating wildly

(80%) ■■■■■■■■□□

My favorite interaction with Boomers is asking them to tell me about the time you could pay for university with a summer job, like a child asking to be read a bedtime story.

(modified) copypasta, continued 

you guys, this account is insane, ok? he does like White Genocide posts and shit ok? like 10s, i think it's up to 100 messages on this dudes Discord, and there's Great Replacement, and there's New World Order, and pretty much these things he talks about are plans to sabotage the white race and to exterminate them. it's insane you guys, once again, this- this post is not sponsored at all, but this guy is insane

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(modified) copypasta 

yo what is up you guys right now we're in the building where Lucius lives and it is currently 3 in the morning and we just found out when you come to his house at 3 in the morning you can find him binge eating guys, that's right you heard me, a binge eating session.

As part of this month's pride flag discourse, I'd like to remind my fellow Black trans commies that I made this.

Los Angeles CA pol, disinfo 

The landlord lobby really has it out for Hernandez

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Los Angeles CA pol, disinfo 

This sounds incredibly based and I'm definitely gonna vote for Hernandez

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