Funny crypto / NFT shit, Star Trek DS9 

I figure since the floor is falling out of Bitcoin and other crypto, I'd post this video of Quark NFTs in celebration.

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Nintendo created such a hot person who has all and no genders at once?

Tired: making an account to get an audience
Wired: making an account to see who puts up with your bullshit

twitter is hell 

then i found fedi from a random post from a creator

when i learned that each instance functions as a tiny community/neighborhood, and was run by the people actually using it

there was a moment of "oh, so its just objectively better designed for scale than twitter"

twitter grows in volume and density, the fediverse grows in number of neighborhoods

when one gets to crowded, it will be more comfortable for users to break it up into multiple instances

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Never judge anyone on what they did in the past if they've very clearly learned from mistakes and are trying to improve.

We are not defined by past mistakes.Mistakes offer a chance to learn, and the only definition should be whether someone who has made mistakes has learned their lesson and tried to improve, or continues to have the same problems.

The former? They're trying. Don't fault them. They know they made mistakes.

The latter? Go ahead and judge, they're not going to learn.

I really wish I could have my top half be more androgynous and my bottom half be more feminine/masculine. I'd really like that a lot.

I fantasize about being turned into the opposite sex and no one noticing a lot.

Greetings, new platform. I'm fairly new to this thing and dont really know the culture yet but hopefully it goes alright.

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