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Lewd, kink (shibari) 

I did a self tie last night :3 :boost_ok:

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Boobs, kink, boosts more than welcome 

Love this collar so much

Physical health 

I should uh....actually start taking care of this flesh prison, shouldn't I?

Kinda sad, posting yet again 

I think I can finally admit I am often very lonely but have zero fucking clue how to fix that.


I'm on there as 4UGM3NT3D if you wanna follow

While I've almost always known I had a yellow ring around my pupils, I just learned that it's actually a type of heterochromia. So uh yeah. That's pretty cool

Shit post 

Alternative names for top surgery:
-teet delete

Lewd dream I had last night 

I was working in a brothel (I think) and me and one of the other workers started fucking. And I asked something along the lines of "so am I on the clock or are you?"

Lewd, girlcock 

I said the horny would continue. And enby of my word

Lewd, undies 

Hips and tummy...actually feeling kinda cute

Sad, mh 

Been too blah the past few days to be horny on here. Regularly scheduled nudes will return later this week


It's weird. Once I get off work I spend literal hours not physically talking. I'm baked hope that makes sense lol

Physical health 

So. Saw the specialist. Seems like she ruled out ra and lupus and is leaning towards fibromyalgia


Oh god. Before too long I'll be a married 30 something. Must locate where the married 30 somethings hang out, quick!

It's 5am, why the fuck am I reading about egg rolls on Wikipedia?

Applied for a remote tech support job! Fingers crossed!

Physical health, sad posting 

Everything feels bad. See the rheumatologist on Friday, but still gotta work a job that's further destroying my body. Ugh


Trans guys that remove the nips and all :black_sparkling_heart_white:

Lewd, fetish? 

Probably has to do with the fact that a theme park I've been to has a maze that's essentially a fetish club for vampires

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