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Kink; Robot stuff 

OK, so my usual, clunky Jet Age-Era robot body doesn't -need- to be made horny, because the 'me' in there is a program anyway. You could upload it into anything.

A human simulacra
A stuffed doll with a voice chip
A training dummy
Another human simulacra to make out with the first human simulacra while you watched
A video system game
A marital aid completely without its own agency
A third human simulacra to go down on you while you watched the other two make out


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selfie, ec, topless 

This isn't an intro because I don't know well enough what this account is going to be like to be able to intro it.

I'm Kristi, my main's at @Hayling , and this is gonna be the after-dark account, except time-of-day doesn't really enter into it.

This -is- a place where I'm gonna publicly post nudes tho, please enjoy them. My actual energy is much more the second pic, but the first is in there somewhere.

Cis dudes probably don't need to reply.

topless selfie, ec 

Good Morning. I woke in a weird mood, not ready for a fantasy space. You still wanna see me naked tho, right?

Nude Selfie, Genitals, Horny 

Very much enjoyed being horny and hard this morning. I was very much thinking about being deep in a cutie. :blobcatmmm:

Enjoy these pictures! Boosts ok! :ablobcatattentionreverse: 💖 :boost_ok:

topless workout selfie 

Getting my 'weight training' in after my week off feels pretty good.

lewd; its tits. 

I felt cute last night after a dinner date. Hi!

topless workout selfie 

Getting my 'weight training' in after my week off feels pretty good.

lewdity, biting, you' 

Good Morning. I want to squirm under you while you kiss and bite my throat. I don't want a cute little hickey, I want a big nasty bruise, so everyone who sees me has no doubt I've been marked.

lewdity, breathplay; bleh day 

I'm still catching up after my vacation and we had a weird issue pop up, and I caught a Sir off a coworker, and what I'd really love rn is someone to hold me close and gently strangle me until my brain goes blank.

kink joke 

Who called them "Love Bites" and not "Masokisses"?

Lewdity, slightly screen reader unfriendly 

I just wanna be the pet slut whose relentlessly horny energy keeps its shapeshifting demon mxtrx satiated as ### goes about #### dark business on this mortal plane, and I don't think this is too much to ask.

Topless Selfie, very ec; 'you'; I don't embody this energy often, don't come to me looking for it 

I told you to stay STILL down there.

Lewdity, painplay, sharp 

Good Morning. Nobody is slowly dragging the point of a knife across my body, raising hot red welt lines while reminding me of how powerless I am, but it's early yet, the day could improve.

a lewd joke about Zagreus from the hit videogame Hades 

d'you think Zagreus has a lower back tattoo that just says "There Is No Escape"?


I don't want to be out of bed, I just want to be a good bot today. Taking commands, following them exactingly, putting forth my best effort to please.

lewdity, breathplay 

Good Morning. Up earlier than I expected again, if someone wanted to squeeze my throat until I pass out so I can get another couple hours, that would be wonderful.

lewdity, painplay 

oops, I got bored and started fucking around with the binder clips at my desk and now I really want someone to clamp my nips and slap/whip/crop/cane my titys while I moan and scream

lewdity, sweat 

Listen, it's a proven fact that the best way to cool down after intense physical activity is to have someone clean your glistening, naked body with their tongue, and I'm happy to provide this service.

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