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establishing a more perfect society after studying the dolphins, Online

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me: my password is my pronouns

you: isn't that incredibly insecure?

me: ugh, yet another person who's saying things like "look at ben! eHDIcKrYBQaphKxmFwkR85p2BJeP22cDUQO4VAIQbGzJ79mNjrKUtQI44aNIn9u has a bad password!"

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my tits don't hurt anymore and frankly someone should do something about it

Let us bring back the old private eye business.

But this time, let's call it "Observation as a service" or "Diligence as a service"


my body: pl ease put down your phone and sleep
me: no i need to shitpost


Local lesbian is depressed and will likely be of little use to her capitalist overlords for the next 3-5 working days. Or anyone else for the next 1-3 working days. Should shower and fulfil basic needs.

(On the origin of markets)
"More than anything else, the endless recitation of the myth of barter, employed much like an incantation, is the economists’ way of fending off any possibility of having to confront it. But even a moment’s reflection makes it obvious. Who was the first man to look at a house full of objects and to immediately assess them only in terms of what he could trade them in for in the market likely to have been? Surely, he can only have been a thief. Burglars, marauding soldiers, then perhaps debt collectors, were the first to see the world this way. It was only in the hands of soldiers, fresh from looting towns and cities, that chunks of gold or silver—melted down, in most cases, from some heirloom treasure, that like the Kashmiri gods, or Aztec breastplates, or Babylonian women’s ankle bracelets, was both a work of art and a little compendium of history—could become simple, uniform bits of currency, with no history, valuable precisely for their lack of history, because they could be accepted anywhere, no questions asked."

Excerpt from Debt: The First 5000 Years by David Graeber (page 527)

i went outside and i saw 3 kitties!!!! and one stayed with me and i patted him for like 15 minutes and hugged him :blobcatmelt2: :bunlove: :blobcatlove: :blobcatpat:

I can't believe my dad won't push me around in the shopping carts that look like little cars anymore. The audacity. The absolute gall

LEAKED preview of harry potter hamilton MUST SEE BEFORE JK ROWLING DELETES

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*electroswing beat plays* my name’s harry and this is my show / i will risk my fucking life to uphold the status quo

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Tom Nook makes his kids pay for their own lunches

the year is 2095. the seventh socialist international has split into rival factions over the question of whether tom nook is a counter revolutionary symbol

The world: 🔥
Me: I just wanna make level 69 real quick. *Then* I'll go save the world. I promise!

there is NOTHING funnier than people shitting their pants over Bernie Sanders as a frothing leftist.

he's basically just FDR part 2 but people react to him like he's the lovechild of Robespierre and Mao

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