Animal Crossing players who already have the airport unlocked, how did you do it? Mine keeps saying "come back tomorrow."

@tiff the game doesn't sync to real time until you complete the tutorial phase, at which point it skips to "tomorrow".

@Kirin ooh okay. Do you know what completes the tutorial? Already bought my house, and I'm out of conversation items from Nook for now

@tiff bought your house? The airport should've become available after you got your Nook Phone™, or at least it did for me...

@Kirin ah okay. I might need to wait until tomorrow then. Already got my phone and NookMiles+, paid off my moving fees and ordered a house. Even buying a ticket with rewards miles didn't open the airport. I did get the message about time being synced now.

@Kirin looks like I just had to wait until today!

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