@Red @Kirin Not quite true, the Russians have flexible word building. All of these words have the same root

@Gargron @Kirin i was making a joke about the cliche "20 words for snow" they say about Inuit and Eskimo ppl

@Gargron @Red @Kirin

i know cats -- and in my experience i can tell you that everything on this image beyond "boss cat" is redundant.

@jackdaw_ruiz @Red @Kirin By the way I have never heard anyone use the "meme-cat" word, it must have developed after I moved away. Seems like they were going for the "doge" scheme. I wouldn't have included it on this graphic because it's super uncommon compared to the others. "Boss-cat" is also practically never used.

@Gargron @jackdaw_ruiz @Red yeah I'd never expect anyone to call a cat anything that could be translated as meme-cat off of the internet.

@Kirin @Gargron @Red

gonna use this thread as a flimsy pretext to bring up that i keep a framed photo of famous russian meme cat, Jazz the blini kot, displayed in my office.

it allows me to look up from my screen and still feel like, in some way, i'm still looking at the damn internet.

@Gargron @jackdaw_ruiz @Red @Kirin I've seen "cade" used the same way in English, it is also uncommon except in the deepest and most toxoplasmosis ridden meme holes (which are some very good ones, btw)

@Kirin ok if they use it there I retract my statement, I'd seen it in well-meaning but ill-spelled corners of Facebook

@robotcarsley I have no idea I just got worked for a second that you'd been on one of the Bad Websites™

@Kirin Kisunya, partly because it sounds a lot like kitsune, and partly because it's true. ^_^

@Kirin I like to think I'm koten'ka but I'm probably kotyandra

@Kirin wait is that where koshaks name in welcome to night Vale is from?

@Polynera that would,,, make sense, though I'm not familiar with naming conventions in Nightvale, unsurprisingly

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