terf bullshit, transphobia 

@Kirin okay but this one is... Literally terf bullshit :/


@c24h29clo4 I'm not sure how a basic feminist and leninist position counts as TERF bullshit? I don't think TERFs were even an established thing at that point, but I'm certain that the vast majority of feminist positions aren't TERF-y, even though they came at a time before there was substantial discussion about the difference between sex and gender.


@Kirin I don't know the fucking academic terminology but the phrase "female sex" a) rings some alarm bells b) makes me real fucking uncomfortable, and that's the point I was trying to make


@Kirin so maybe a better way of phrasing my issue is "tag your shit when it sounds like and has the potential emotional effect of other shit terfs say"

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