How many times do you think this sign was stolen before they resided to stick a tracker on it?

@Kirin why would they put a gps tracker on a sign when the actual threat is the sign saying it has one, tho?

@efi @Kirin how are they gonna put a GPS tracker on a sign when those things are bulky and battery hogs and probably easy to pry off with a screwdriver

@wilbr @Kirin an rfid tracker is just a sticker that reports its location relative to the request device, it's the same thing dogs have on collars, it only requires a small battery if you want increased reply range

@m4iler @wilbr @Kirin most likely, gps also requires sorta line of sight, useless if wrapped in tinfoil


@efi @m4iler @wilbr we could find out if we stole the sign, hid it and had a stakeout.

Meet me in hornytown at nightfall

@efi @m4iler @Kirin @wilbr

what are the parameters you use to identify?
asking for real, for a friend.

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