How many times do you think this sign was stolen before they resided to stick a tracker on it?

Also I don't have a SoundCloud but my friend does. They make videogame background music and stuff it pretty cool

@Kirin summer movie where the horney cru steals the sign and ends up in a high speed chase

@Kirin and do you actually believe it has a tracker or is the sign just deterrence


Where my Grandparents used to live there was a "Satin Street" and one of the street signs had a typo and said "Satan Street" and people loved it so much that they refused to fix the sign.

There was even a Church that had on their sign "Our Pastor is bold enough to live on Satan Street"

@Kirin gonna make a move to a town that’s right for me, town to keep me movin’, keep me groovin’ with that energy.

@Kirin why would they put a gps tracker on a sign when the actual threat is the sign saying it has one, tho?

@efi @Kirin how are they gonna put a GPS tracker on a sign when those things are bulky and battery hogs and probably easy to pry off with a screwdriver

@wilbr @Kirin an rfid tracker is just a sticker that reports its location relative to the request device, it's the same thing dogs have on collars, it only requires a small battery if you want increased reply range

@m4iler @wilbr @Kirin most likely, gps also requires sorta line of sight, useless if wrapped in tinfoil

@efi @m4iler @wilbr we could find out if we stole the sign, hid it and had a stakeout.

Meet me in hornytown at nightfall

@efi @m4iler @Kirin @wilbr

what are the parameters you use to identify?
asking for real, for a friend.

@efi @wilbr @Kirin even the "increased reply range" is about a meter and a half, I don't know what they plan on doing with that RFID.

@efi since the threat of a tracker only deters people taking it back to their house. You can still take it and leave it in an odd place with absolutely no consequences to yourself.

You still can with a tracker except the council doesn't to pay to replace it if they can find it

@Kirin somehow I feel like that lower sign is going to be interpreted by a drunk person as challenge accepted and they'll probably use a Faraday cage to steal it or something.


This reminds me of the problems the austrian town “Fucking” had.

(The beer brand “Fucking Hell” is named after the town but was never brewed there.)

@Kirin It sounds like what Guy Fieri yells in bed. "Welcome to HORNYTOWN, baby!".

@Kirin I wonder, we have a town over here in Austria where the city sign gets stolen very regularly. Maybe they should invest into that too

(The town is called "Fucking")

@Kirin like the 420 mile marker being renamed to 419.9 miles

Now I just need to find out where the town "In My Pants" is located and then I'll start reporting fires like crazy.

@Kirin @megfault Roughly eleventy times.

Personal I'd have gone for something more nasty. Carbide rod down the sign pole, or something. Have them break a few saws before they give up.

@Kirin i can't help but focus on that what's written indicates the red sign has RFID & GPS, not the green sign. shouldn't it read "the above sign" not "this sign" and shouldn't those with creepy street sign surveillance powers know how to write signs without shocking levels of ambiguity? also lol etc.

@nydel yeah I've chuckled about the same thing a few times since posting this, but y'know what? I'm pretty sure everyone understood what it meant. Presumably without any difficulty at all.


I doubt there's an actual tracker on it. Just security theater.

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