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I've been putting time into my voice and it's paying off, I can get my pitch to where it needs to be now, I just need to improve timbre and consistency

Why does the bird instance not implement status-by-status privacy options? Sometimes I wanna say something privately on my public account, it feels like such an obvious feature

Still kinda weirded out at the time
1) matpat was invited to meet the pope
2) matpat was told that he had to bring a gift to the guy who *he was invited to meet* (why's that a thing?)
3)matpat brought a videogame because he was invited to be there because he played videogames
4)everyone was mad at him for this

I think I am to materialism what like, a savvy but uninterested person is to science. I have respect for it, when all the materialists say something I'll believe them, all the cool stuff in areas I care about cite materialism, but I don't actually know what materialists do all day and I imagine it has something to do with flasks of coloured chemicals. I hear they have a method but I don't know what it is

Making a more converted effort on my voice again, but people always used to struggle to understand me before my voice dropped, and the boom really helped me be heard, and I spent a lot of my childhood at a really high volume, so idk it's annoying for me

My biggest pet peeve is naive incorrect criticisms of the purge franchise. I dont know why I woke up mad about this instead of literally anything else, I just feel like all the popular criticisms ignore the whole point

There's a cure for how I feel and I can't have it right now because the system doesn't care about me.

It's really fucked up when the bad things are true.

If I ever cause anybody to do anything online then I am officially an influencer and I will be uninstalling the internet immediately

Do you know another Jane? Maybe you are another Jane? The important thing is I am your No1 Jane, any other Janes are at best Jane #2

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