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This time she succeeds
and a bond is formed between
human and dragon

I did a bad politics by choosing my soap because it had a rainbow on it for pride month

I'm aware that I'm essentially a bot on the fediverse at this point, I really must spend more time here instead of on bird hell

It's pretty good if I make an effort but I always need to make an effort

I ran this through a scanner and it came out looking so much like a punk album cover I'm going to start a band so I can use it

I sorta mysticised the idea of 3 years on HRT, not like it was the moment something magically changes, just that it seemed like at that point people always seem to be pretty passing and looking like I wanted to. anyway I'm halfway there now.

@waifu I bought this domain so I made

specifically, do I go message a known t/e/r/f and ask to be pointed at the group which apparently definitely exists maybe

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question, do I kick a hornets nest and go looking for a not-on-the-internet apparently "gender concerned" quaker group just to see if it A)exists and B)is as much of a cesspool as I imagine it is

I got pictures of me and I'm here to exchange them for approval on the federated universe.

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