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So at some point gcc is gonna purge the bucket cause I am not fucking around with aws anymore for $15 a month xD

Next up I gotta figure out a way to scale back our server.

Well I guess the silver lining is that uh we're seeing increased usage month over month. The bad part is it's fucking me in the ass xD

If all of our media disappears on gcc would anyone be sad? Cause our s3 bucket is 200+ gb and I want to switch to Wasabi ASAP but have no means to migrate the bucket xD

Dang. Gc.c is now costing me $50 a month. I'm going to need to get a few more patrons and donations this year to keep it sustainable and account for growth.

@Elizabeth You fall into the cockpit of the Destroy Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny

Boost this toot and I will align you a giant robot to pilot


Gentle reminder:
Gc.c is funded mostly out of pocket by me. Donations are extremely helpful to help alleviate some of that cost.

Please boosties if you can.

Mastodon running (somewhat indirectly) on my TRS-80 model 4 via Tootstream.

Plus I often like to take the piss of the Linux community since its made up of people who will fervently defend an operating system from all criticism as if this were a holy war and my jokes will cause serious harm to the Foss ecosystem.

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