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Queer culture is calling your transmasc enby boyfriend "daddy" on Father's Day.

Okay but what if we use drone motors to power a pair of Heelys?

"Hey google, can you use a concrete vibrator on a girldick?"

Learning the past tense with Duolingo and its trying to get me to sound like a boomer.

So I made some extracurricular art.

I wish there was a way to tell google that, no, I'm not interested in Kiss or RHCP, I'm just here for old white man tea.

I don't care about these dinosaur bands, I care about schadenfreude.

Have you made out with the admin of gc.c recently?

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but also especially give me a kiss. Really helps the queer agenda.

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Gonna spend month telling cishets that if they want to be allies to queer folks they need to make out with me.

I don't think this is an improvement over the spinning rats that plagued my recs all of May.

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I don't know what this turi ip ip is but it keeps appearing in my youtube recs.

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man i love the sims i wish owning a house was real

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