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I'm going to leave things as is for a moment before cleaning up docker and the backups. If shit burns down while I'm sleeping, please let me know.

So, GCC users. The personal timeline is just a little fucky, like just the TINIEST bit.

Server going down for maint at 12am EST. It might be a bit and might be unsuccessful but hopefully it works.

I have a cunning plan I will enact on Friday.

Okay the server is back up. I'll fuck more with it tomorrow night. I have a cunning but messy plan.

Starting server maintenance in 30m. Hopefully there isn't too much downtime.

There may be some downtime this evening as we (we being I) upgrade some shit. I'm going to try to attempt it in the weest hours of the morn as to not fuck up anyone's stuffbrowsing.

We've gotten so many new users in the past few days.

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I've acrueed a bit of debt over the winter and haven't really found much gig work. So any donation and patreon helps to pay it down.

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Also if anyone has some gig or long-term work programming, editing, or writing, hit me up. I need something steady, especially if my teefs and body are going to keep misbehaving.

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The update did get all messy and I had to restore the backup. We lost several hours of posts.

I'm likely going to have to come up with a game plan for this update and it might have more significant downtime than I first expected.

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