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The trans experience is being a good fling but never someone's forever girl.


Like cud but it's an inside layer of skin from the left side of my cheek.

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*puts a bit of powdered salt and vinegar flavour onto her popcorn*

"Why are my mouth and tongue shedding?"

This should be the fucking default too. Don't tell me there is some bullshit option buried in the bottom of some massive drop-down. Consent should not be "opt-in."

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You can tell that tech is dominated by cis-het, white men because consent is not built into most software.

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Fucking, why is shit updating itself in the background without my permission? Trying to run a fucking raid and some process called "updater.exe" is using all my fucking bandwidth.

cishet people seem to think that it's a linear progression from friend to girlfriend to wife but they don't know the hidden truth that you can actually be all of them at the same time

thats right,,, wife gf

The only real downside would be the hours they spend playing mobile games or watching e-learning videos, but I'm not the neediest girl.

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I wanna date a YouTuber just because I know their pubes will be trimmed, their face cleanly shaved, and their problematic internet history spotless.

cw: meds 

I need like a mason jar full of lorazepam and a fuckin carton of Marlboro Menthol's after that. jfc.

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How's your afternoon going?

Cause mine started off with being put in expert roulette with two people who hurt me and my friends.

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