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Godddd I gotta stop thinking about this but like. I find it mega funny that I've talked about visiting her and doing "gayyyyyyy shit" with her and she was still like. 🤔

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One day I hope my stupid monkey brain will stop latching onto smol bottoms too 'pure of heart and dumb of ass' to see me as a viable romantic partner, cause it's a miserable fucking life.

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Do wonder if she didn't notice cause all her other buds are treating her like a princess, which, what a fucking charmed life if so.

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Girl's out here thinking I'm just gonna princess carry, fawn over, and offer to top all of my friends? Fuck nah, only folks I deem special enough get to see me at my very best.

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This bit is def leaving a sour taste in my mouth, moreso than the rest of the conversation, because it's like "You think I would give this much attention and adoration to just anyone?"

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The true gay girl experience is having incredibly intimate conversations and explicit conversations with someone and still being like "I don't know if she likes me."

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Fuck I've got such a headache. Only slept 5 hours cause I had to have a difficult conversation with my (former) crush.

Turns out she wasn't picking up what I was laying down, despite my being flirty and lewd and saying I had a crush.

Though I don't really like doing so, might need to ask for donations.

Normally have a seasonal job in September to help cover my personal and server expenses but with Covid that's been cancelled and I'm running a bit in the red. Boosts appreciated.

If you're able to, any little bit helps:

Anyone else HATE self-driving road cars?

Like, they're struggling to figure out road condition signalling, lane keeping, automated clearance - all problems trains have had solved for decades if not centuries.

Soooo, starting a new campaign and it's gone exactly as I thought it would.

If I had money and time I'd beef the fuck out of that thing. Winch, light bar, lift kit, skid pan, snorkel. Imagine how fucking dorky it would be.

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