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As pissed as they were with the DRG, she did pretty good all things considered given the expectations being placed on her.

She was forced from tank to mdps because I was forced from DNC to tank. The next session after that had been decided, she got NIN to 80 and geared it best she could. DPS was crap but commendable effort.

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The more folks I talk to the more I realize I'm justified being pissed about this situation.

To throw a bit of shade though, I think I'm the better and certainly would've just improved had I still been maining DNC and not moved around.

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Things that are coming back to me:

The reason I ended up being tank in the static is because someone left and the co-tank was like. "I know a dancer..."

Me, the static's dancer: 😰

Like, luckily myself and my girlfriend could flex but there were a couple days where I was heartbroken that I got replaced in my own static...

The only other factors that were different were the off tank and the healer, both of which are huge factors though the two tanks are on par anyhow.

White mage instead of Astro though... That said, I'd prefer to just say morale.

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Could we have had more time to run up against the enrage? Yes.

Would it have felt the same? For some folks no. I know a lot of the players really need to that fun factor and morale to really get comfortable.

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I truly think folks underestimate how much morale and comfort plays in competitive and stressful environments. There was a lot of discussion about the week prior, how we made it to enrage.

There was also discussion how during that session we dicked around for 30m because I required every character to show up with a mask. (social cistancing)

I didn't think they were that bad buttttt the vulture thing certainly has pushed me more towards that, even if partially my fault.

What happens when you've a group of folks who parse single digits and are frustrated with lack of progression.

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Ah well. I think one of the interesting things after the fact was hearing a member who'd previously left say that my co-tank was the reason she'd gone. "Yeah they were always a cunty little cunt with their cunty fucking face."

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The member in question was both struggling with the co-tank very obviously wanting them gone, like verbally frustrated with them, but was not having fun as dps which she admittedly did not sign up for.

While the co-tank and I talked about stuff, was also talking with her about taking over my role. We were going to try that Thursday.

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But my fucking god, bringing folks in before they even decide to leave. You fucking vulture, you absolute fucking cunt. That's a toxic as hell move and my only regret was not chewing them out more.

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It was an extremely bad time though on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm still pissed that my co-tank decided to bring in two replacement members before we had folks leave.

I certainly did not help in this by insinuating that it'd be a member's last raid because she wasn't having very much fun and because my co-tank was being a snippy bitch.

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Mmmmmm the best part about my static dissolving is that the folks that left were all the Mateus folks from VU.

A whole lot of stress just gone in an instant, though I am still worried about the one that's drawing my character.

Folks can be extremely petty and, while I know she's a professional, I'm still extremely worried that this will throw a wrench into things.

In Civilization IV you need to develop the "fascism" technology to build Mt Rushmore

Cleaning up my friends lists on ffxiv and discord cause it's full of acquaintances and folks I will likely never roleplay with again on certain characters.

Actually. Fuck it, some cute girl needs to come over and explain Aussie football to me between makeouts.

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