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Doing that thing where I'm trying to join a new fc and like.

I feel welcome but I don't feel wanted.

It feels like one of those spaces where the onus for inclusion and involvement is on the new user.

Basically just makes it feel like a clique, folks comfy and accepted just chatting with each other while I'm having a tough time making friends and feeling like folks actually want me around.

lewd suggestion 

I'm real proud of Rinh's room at the Union.

If your character wants to dick down or get dicked down by my enby catte princess, let me know.


So you know what's fuckin wild? Ever since November I've been on double the estradiol as I've had the previous four years and my titties have grown a whole fucking bunch.

I've also been so much hornier.

So, kids, remember to check your levels often and make sure your doc knows their shit.

My alignment has shifted to Chaotic Good because I'm in subs DMs calling them good girls.

Getting a private dance from someone I've met before. Been to her cafe, might go tomorrow just for shits and giggles.

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Doing shots of bourbon and hanging out with a friend. It's rad as fuck :3

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This is your gentle reminder that there are ways to be social that don't put the health of others at risk.

Be smart, social distance, and join me in the club on .

Tal is pretty cute and I need to play her more. Fuckin, tiny, woke, inter-sectional, cis lesbian.

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Like, there's no way a group of people that bad could actually be real.

I'm convinced it's all a conspiracy spread by older gays to keep the younger ones in line. "Don't be too fae, else the straights might get you."

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