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The harsh lesson that FM2 will not accept FM2+ CPUs.

Also, fuck, if you're gonna make a new socket call it something else, eh?

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Was talking to my girlfriend about bent pins and I remembered that I've still got this old busted Kaveri around so please enjoy the hardware gore.

The world is such a garbage fucking place but there's hope because Lin has a ring and that's so fucking pure and good.

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Every so often a Linsanity video sneaks into my Youtube recommendations and I remember, holy fuck Jeremy Lin won a championship.

Wonder when i should do the next gcc update. Maybe tomorrow?

I remember reading Chuck Klosterman rant about Coldplay back in the day. Forget if it was Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs or IV

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Fuck. "Yellow" by Coldplay came up on my spotify and I kinda liked it.

Am I becoming mom?

I got requests from several folks to change the SSID of my guest network because they didn't like: 𓂸

It's 2am and right now my home server is at 100% CPU usage cause plex is fucking with its db or some shit.

Scheduled maintenance, like a good admin and not unscheduled maintenance like a badmin

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Sorry for the downtime everyone. Gcc is in a way better place now though.

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