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cis nonsense, genital mutilation 

cis nonsense 

I love OnePlus. Something about them always felt quaint. Like I know they're a subsidiary of OPPO but it always felt like they're this slapdash little start up and every time they fuck up I'm just like "Oh OnePlus, you sweet little scamps!"

Fuck yes. Just crushed a shower. Used a loofah on my legs like some sort of bourgeoisie. Put on some perfume and some orange bergamot lotion.

Let's sit around and play video games?

Still looking for a decent static. HMU if you want a decent DRK or DNC with not a whole lot of experience cause her garbage static can only do e1s

My new thing is spreading laughing cow on a crackers with as few imperfections as possible.

Don't want to have to come back and sand after.

If leaving this for two days and diluting it with water works, I'm gonna be fucking shocked.

Next time though, I'm gonna try with vanilla bean.

I guess we'll see in a couple days. I'm not actually sure how this is supposed to look but I mixed my alcohol (didn't have vodka so used moonshine) with my oils and as you'd expect the oil is in a visible suspension.

Another week, another E1S clear where the healers can't keep my ilvl 455+ ass alive.

Can you tell I'm bitter, cause I'm pretty fucking bitter.

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