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me, freaking out over fuel while forgetting that planes are WICKED efficient when cruising at high altitude and the climb wastes it all.

Soooo we're like 220km/h off the fastest prop driven aircraft. I'd say this thing is good for nothing BUT it flies level and has enough fuel to hopefully get us across this ocean, hopefully. HOPEFULLY.

huh, anything above a 10 degree climb angle and the engine starts to sputter. Below that it's fine and we're still climbing but I do wonder what our ceiling will be.

Kinda curious if this engine is supercharged or turbocharged (or if that is even simulated in this mod).

You show me Andrew Lloyd Webber in fucking full plate with a god damn claymore and maybe you'll have a point, hypothetical person who doesn't exist!

I kinda want this just to have that inevitable conversation with a royalist: "You can't just buy your knighthood."

Me, rolling her eyes and pointing at literally every rich asshole who was knighted because of their wealth and success, not their ability to weild a sword.

If anyone wants to buy me an incredibly silly present, I kinda want to get a knighthood from the Principality of Sealand.

I could be Dame Elizabeth.

Gentle reminder: Gc.c now has a proper patreon.

Though if you still want to give to me individually I'd appreciate it since I'm a little behind because of some unforseen/emergency expenses. *cough* dead phone *cough*

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