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Hey, everyone remember that one day a few years ago where everyone signed up to Ello?

That was a wild time.

We lasted a solid 2 hours of open registration. How y'all doing?

Mostly cause I see some masc names and I'm like "You a bot or just lost?"

Fuck this Imma stick with SCH and let my pet do half the work.

Me looking at guides for AST being like "What the fuck does any of this mean?"

Reopening gcc sign ups for the Tumblr exedus. COME JOIN OUR TRANS SPACE, IT'S PRETTY RAD.

In all seriousness, if you want an invite code for free I haz em.

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What's this? Female presenting nipples on my timeline? I'm shocked and appalled.

Restarting gc.c. See you on the other side maybe possibly hopefully.

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