In Civilization IV you need to develop the "fascism" technology to build Mt Rushmore

Cleaning up my friends lists on ffxiv and discord cause it's full of acquaintances and folks I will likely never roleplay with again on certain characters.

Actually. Fuck it, some cute girl needs to come over and explain Aussie football to me between makeouts.

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I just noticed that in certain instances, my home mini says 'ta" instead of 'to", usually when saying "connect to my phone" and it's kinda blowing my mind.

Real talk: Is anyone else just super into getting lost on google maps and just like, looking at maps of shit?

Smart part of Liz's brain: "It's actually stronger because each side is across from an edge."


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Things that bother me more than they should:

The glass I am drinking from has 9 sides.

@elfi fair, I should probably cw it but was using it to test the server

Gatekeeping bullshit 

What fucking gold star bullshit.

I love that I get it on both ends though. If I say I'm bi or pan, cis het guys slide into my DMs and say I'm just a dyke because I won't date any masculine cishet men.

If I say I'm gayyyyy, lesbians slide into my DMs and be like because you like femme presenting men and enbies you're not a real lesbian.

I hope the two groups meet and hash out my sexuality for me because I'm very tired of being defined by other folks standards.

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Gatekeeping bullshit 

I think her point was that because I play a bi character in a video game and am sexuality attracted to some men (the femme ones) I am not allowed to be a lesbian.

And I'm just like "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

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Gatekeeping bullshit 

Me over here with all of my trans gal and non binary partners being like. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh"

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