Getting a private dance from someone I've met before. Been to her cafe, might go tomorrow just for shits and giggles.

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Doing shots of bourbon and hanging out with a friend. It's rad as fuck :3

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This is your gentle reminder that there are ways to be social that don't put the health of others at risk.

Be smart, social distance, and join me in the club on .

Tal is pretty cute and I need to play her more. Fuckin, tiny, woke, inter-sectional, cis lesbian.

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Like, there's no way a group of people that bad could actually be real.

I'm convinced it's all a conspiracy spread by older gays to keep the younger ones in line. "Don't be too fae, else the straights might get you."

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Kinda wonder when the US is gonna realize: "Hey, centralisation is pretty good some times, especially for combating crises."

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The weird thing is she's actually out of town right now I'm Florida at a large social gathering because Florida is fucked up and dumb.

No idea if she'll even be allowed back considering her city is in lockdown.

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Really need to sneak my girlfriend across the border and into Canada but she'll need to self isolate for 14 days before I pound her cute butt.

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Hey kids,
How do I be a U-Haul lesbian in the age of social distancing?

What is my life now.

WHERE CAN I WATCH REBOOT?!? My roomie is a habs fan, may have to pay more to access porn they will support...

Actually probably more, given how little is actually gonna happen until like may or june or july or whenever.

Really fucking sucks, hopefully I don't go TOO much in debt.

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Figured this would happen but no exams and no work means I'm out $700 of income this year. RIP

@aradinfinity yes, that's very valid. God dealing with the cis sometimes while playing a trans character.

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