@stellewd so I believe this is now an environment flag we can enable but I probably need to think it over more and take other input because making toots searchable makes people targetable.

@stellewd I need to look into this more. I know it stems from the old ethos of not making toots searchable but you should be able to see your own.


Like throw some fucking Luna coin my ways as this actual service top empties their balls in you.

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Let me write you a novella where my cadre of Trans cat girls and lizard twinks take turns servicing you, and please pay me in fake currency.

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I'm so tired from doing mmo sex work. Why's every club gotta be open till like 1am. My old bones need to test.

@violewd sorry it took so long. I'd get to my computer and forget entirely and then look at my phone as I'm going to bed and say "I'll handle that first thing tomorrow."

You either die a middie or live to see yourself become a miqo'te.

@sxdgrl As a twitter alternative it is true that the fediverse doesn't exactly do much to avert the drama of tumblr and Twitter. It's got is own deep lore of nonsense you can dive into and its own vibe when it comes to memes.

That said it's generally a better place, mostly because we have the tools and power to moderate these sorts of things, even if a lot of folks are very quick to defed/suspend as a first option.

How are things on the gc.c today, things still alive?

soooo I'm low key thinking about this thing.

Mostly since it's pretty low cost and a bit better than a Pi3

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Actually I have another pi related dilemma. I have a Pi 2 and a pretty good case for it, but the hardware is a little dated and slow for what I use it for.

Are there any cool pi alternatives that fit the 2/3 form factor but are a bit beefier?

@bug I asked Riley if I could do this and they gave me shit.

OKAY NEW QUESTION: What are cool mad science projects you can do with a tiny ARM computer?

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Almost wrote weather machine but I'm not that level of mad science yet.

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Like I think if I had the money to throw around I'd build a weather station in my backyard.

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