Anyone else HATE self-driving road cars?

Like, they're struggling to figure out road condition signalling, lane keeping, automated clearance - all problems trains have had solved for decades if not centuries.

Soooo, starting a new campaign and it's gone exactly as I thought it would.

If I had money and time I'd beef the fuck out of that thing. Winch, light bar, lift kit, skid pan, snorkel. Imagine how fucking dorky it would be.

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In all seriousness, I'm glad it had proper tow hooks that were easy to reach but, fuck, such ambition from Ford.

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Susan from accounting is out there fucking rock crawling on her daily commute home.

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It's a smol fwd suv with the running gear from a Ford Focus and it has tow hooks on every corner like Karen is gonna off road it.

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Over the weekend I needed to help pull a 51 Ferguson tractor out of the brush with a 200x Ford Escape and I've got to say, fuck that thing has lofty aspirations.

The more I think about it the more I realize there's very little value to my being a 'good girl' if I'm not being rewarded for it.

Lots of trans girls: "I want to be a spoopy witch."

Me: "I want to be the Arby's witch."

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