Also if anyone had any remote work: editing, data entry, etc., please let me know.

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Money is a bit tight now since I wasn't eligible for CERB. I know folks are pretty much in the same boat as me, and I'm of lesser priority since I'm accumulating my debt very slowly, but anything helps:​

Oof. Money is a little tight this month. Might need to get folks to retoot my PayPal or patreon this month.

i made a tanking guide for people with tank anxiety this is my diagram

People talking about their dynastic playthroughs that last several hundred hours.

Liz talking about that time she got into a war and died.

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I really want ck3 so I can play as a lesbian who dies after 5 years because I get into a lot of pointless wars.

It also didn't help that when I was waiting for an interview for the fc, another applicant was given immediate access because she'd slept with 3 of the other members.

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I very much still admire their mission in creating a unionized brothel, but a union with cliques and disparity between its members doesn't really work.

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Luckily, what clients I did bring in were mine and mine alone so it was absolutely no loss leaving it, minus the stipends and pay I was never given for events.

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If I have one regret this year, I regret moving Rinh to Mateus to join the Vivid Union.

Fucking cliquey ass mess. Never felt welcome in that joint, never got invited to anything fun, never got paid for the events I worked there.

Actually, okay, how would it feel to actually traverse a circular space colony? Cause that's some thonk.

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Just like looking up over the horizon and being like "I can see my home from here."

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Me, realizing that if Ring Worlds or O'neill Cylinders become a reality, it's conceivable that you COULD have to walk several miles to school, uphill, both ways.


A sentence I wrote today:
"As much as I'm reluctant to admit it, I don't think we could sustain on a diet of wine and cum."

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