@EnvyMyName @goblingirl if/when I can ever fucking roll one on Balmung I'll give her all the fashions.

Hecking annoying that my video card is too new.

@anna yeahhhh I am poor and already have all the keys for windows xD

Like playing Russian roulette. It could be LITERALLY ANY ONE of them. Which one? WHO KNOWS.

Me: "I just wanna play my video game"
Also me: "This is a pretty cool art installation, I should probably see what nonsense can be generated."

So I'm invariably going to make an alt in FFXIV and I don't know who to base it on. Def gonna be one of the three sisters I play in gw2.

Help me pick, fediverse. White, Gold, or Blue?

It's 2018 and someone is walking through campus at 10:40 at night with a boombox blaring "Living on a Prayer". This is truly the worst timeline.

I always liked idea of a 6 string bass.

I have the potential to be a dress, but that one’s okay at least!

Sign my change.org petition to ban the sinful act of heterosexuality.

@dev_ponies I don't have my email listed. The email for the instance though is the same as my mastodon handle.

@dev_ponies usually folks just send me an email or DM but any user has invite privileges. Also re: matrix I'll look into it and ask other users if they'd be interested. Went the discord route because most of us already have it installed.

@v I never get those it's always the "ditch your boyfriend for a rugged country man" ads

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Keep seeing ads for Farmers Only and I'm like "you know what, I am pretty lonely".

I need another farm lesbian to come by and sweep me off my feet.

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