I opened tweetdeck for the first time in ages and it hurts my fucking eyes. Even the darkmode is sinfully ugly and the scrollsbars don't match it on firefox.

Like folks will give masto shit for having a similar ux but at least it's fucking cohesive.

Hot take. If your playoff bracket has the leafs winning the cup, you're writing leafs fanfic.

Petition to refer to sport fanbases as fandoms to delegitimize them.

"The Maple Leafs fandom is so problematic."

Tampa. What is going on? Are you going to be alright? I'm worried about you.

Reason I asked is cause I was curious about different folks interpretations and the answers are neat.

I'm your 50 year old mother.

Explain the difference between:
to me.

An important poll.

migrating db although I leave to go to work in 30m, this update may need to wait until I get back.

compiling forever. New masto update hitting gcc at some point? Hopefully before I got to work

In an incel voice:
"The fact that there's was no Mr. Dos is a clear example that the tech industry is misandrist."

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