This aesthetic is trash but I'm still gonna use it.You can't stop me from being edgy online!!

Working on the noblest of endeavors: figuring out a control scheme so I can play from my bed

More people need to play support firebrand so I'm not getting 100th percentile on everything on a fight we just BARELY scraped by because everyone thought it'd be a better idea to just lay down on the ground.


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Kinda wanna get a buncha role-players together on and have a pvp tournament.

presented by Hetap.

Also for you nerds who are queer and play we've started a project you might be interested in:

It's an alliance of intersectional queer guilds. If you want cool folks to play with, check us out.=

Hopefully I can get some pvp in tonight. My PvPness is pretty big.

Remember when I commissioned Art of my Revenant for in game currency?
Fuck this pic is awesome and my Revenant is gorgeous.

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