This is my new look and I call it, "What the fuck even is patch 5.5?"

Speaking of alts and weddings. This is Lia's getup for someone's wedding on Wednesday.

Imho it's way too sickly sweet and innocent for them, but folks seem to like it.

slightly lewd 

"They call me Ram 'cause I've got a hemi under the hood."

eye contact 

Also updated Rinh with the new hair. They're lookin fuckin fine imho

Hopefuily can find them some good, long term

Well, that fc was a mistake. Time to start slowly dismantling my room and moving it over to my apartment.

Anyone on Mateus have a good, trans friendly fc, that actually wants me around and will make me feel welcome?

This is your gentle reminder that there are ways to be social that don't put the health of others at risk.

Be smart, social distance, and join me in the club on .

I don't think I've posted this yet but I made a Genderfluid bun boi in and their aesthetic is fucking fantastic.


Ah yes, a perfectly valid character on the horny anime game.

Friend of mine wants a fantasia and a hug. I don't have the money atm though. Would anyone be willing to finance turning this cute boy I know into a catgirl?

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