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Put together a total basic bitch outfit and then made Tal blonde to match.

All she wants to do is drive her boyfriend's truck down to starbucks and get a venti chai latte made with soy milk. Maybe whip out her iphone x and retweet some blue lives matter shit. Just having a totally normal one here.

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This is a gay test. Just want to make sure the gay is allowed.

Well I guess the silver lining is that uh we're seeing increased usage month over month. The bad part is it's fucking me in the ass xD

Dang. Gc.c is now costing me $50 a month. I'm going to need to get a few more patrons and donations this year to keep it sustainable and account for growth.

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Hey, can this game stop being so fucking cute for a moment please? My unmarried ass is having a lot of aspirations right now that I can't fucking deal with.

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