My enby boi got a new dress just in time to run the bar tonight.

This is my new look and I call it, "What the fuck even is patch 5.5?"

Speaking of alts and weddings. This is Lia's getup for someone's wedding on Wednesday.

Imho it's way too sickly sweet and innocent for them, but folks seem to like it.

slightly lewd 

"They call me Ram 'cause I've got a hemi under the hood."

A bud of mine dragged me to Faerie in early December and I've been playing a self-insert miqo'te named J'Majha. She's a mega good bean with mega chaos energy.


Every time I see ads for wish it makes me think "What kink is this for?"

Soooo, starting a new campaign and it's gone exactly as I thought it would.

Youtube: "Hey, Liz, I know you like video games and wood working videos, but have you tried tanks?"

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