Like playing Russian roulette. It could be LITERALLY ANY ONE of them. Which one? WHO KNOWS.

So I'm invariably going to make an alt in FFXIV and I don't know who to base it on. Def gonna be one of the three sisters I play in gw2.

Help me pick, fediverse. White, Gold, or Blue?

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I'm not gonna be level 69 for very long :( Hopefully the next expansion raises the cap to 420.

Fuck, I walk away for half an expansion and this happens to Tataru. KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT HER ALONE.

The bed can fit 3 characters which is rad af. Just need to find 2 friends XD

Redid my place in FFXIV. It's a little more open now but feels warm and cozy nonetheless.

Whelp, time to get my banhammer ready. Avoiding suspension by showing up in my video game, not cool.

The "you can wear whatever the fuck you want and you still chose that?" look.

Redid my catlady's hair so she has more of that soft-butch aesthetic that everyone seems to love.

I love those moments you're reminded that wikipedia is written by random folks and not everything is edited thoroughly.

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