Godddd I've been obsessing over my raspberry pi's lately but I've kinda run out of cool things to do. What are cool things to do with tiny ass ARM computers?

Like I think if I had the money to throw around I'd build a weather station in my backyard.

Almost wrote weather machine but I'm not that level of mad science yet.


OKAY NEW QUESTION: What are cool mad science projects you can do with a tiny ARM computer?

@Elizabeth collect true-random data and use it to control the lights in the house

@bug I asked Riley if I could do this and they gave me shit.

@bug @Elizabeth I really like the idea of building up a curated collection of high-quality random values, the kind you only break out when you have guests or when you're going to a fancy function

@dried @Elizabeth well, that's what /dev/random is supposed to be, i guess unless you just gotta have one of those devices that casinos use like a.co/d/9Gywld7 (my fav part, the tutorial video on how to use it to test for psychic abilities)

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