I think the funnest thing about the upgrade was building everything, changing all of the configs, starting up the server, and forgetting to fucking restart nginx.

Wracked my brain for several minutes and dug deep into logs only to realize I see no errors AND none of my connection attempts. The config was right too, just forgot to reload it.

It's understandable though. We've been up since 2017 and the scope of this project has kinda escaped me.

If everything remains as is for the next week, I'll feel comfy and like I've finally caught up. But this project has felt like a chase. I catch up to it just long enough for it to speed off. I think, I learn, I lose sleep, I catch up, and then something new happens. Over and over.

@Kristi09 you're welcome. Just trying to keep the lights on here.

@Elizabeth @Kristi09 I appreciate what you do to keep things working. This is one of my favorite instances. :)

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