Fucking, why is shit updating itself in the background without my permission? Trying to run a fucking raid and some process called "updater.exe" is using all my fucking bandwidth.

You can tell that tech is dominated by cis-het, white men because consent is not built into most software.

This should be the fucking default too. Don't tell me there is some bullshit option buried in the bottom of some massive drop-down. Consent should not be "opt-in."

@Elizabeth better yet, there should be a central system handling all the updates, instead of each app handling it individually.

@Elizabeth there's a security argument to be made that certain software should be automatically updated by default - but in reality a good implementation of this is not the Windows "every publisher has an update engine" but the debian on-by-default unattended upgrades from apt

@c24h29clo4 Fully agreed. I'd love something like apt for windows or MacOS, or fuck, even something like an app store. Give me a modicum of control over when the fuck random updates occur, allow me to set a schedule, inform me before it happens.

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