The more folks I talk to the more I realize I'm justified being pissed about this situation.

As pissed as they were with the DRG, she did pretty good all things considered given the expectations being placed on her.

She was forced from tank to mdps because I was forced from DNC to tank. The next session after that had been decided, she got NIN to 80 and geared it best she could. DPS was crap but commendable effort.

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Wasn't having a good go with NIN after like 2-3 weeks so she goes and gets DRG up to 80 and immediately tossed in raid. DPS was better but still not great. Very fucking commendable though.

Of course the DRK, SMN, and DNC (who had displaced me as DNC) were very "results oriented" and only saw that we weren't clearing and not that folks went to some actual fucking trouble trying to make room for these cunts.

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Could neither fathom nor appreciate the emotional labour and time investment folks were putting in just to make space fro them and their friends.

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The takeaway I will always have from this is I was replaced as dancer in my own static and forced to change my role to accommodate someone who disliked me.

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