Gatekeeping bullshit 

God I'm so emotionally drained after talking to a gold star lesbian last night who was like. "Folks talk about you and are offended that you use the handle LipstickLizbian."


Gatekeeping bullshit 

Me over here with all of my trans gal and non binary partners being like. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Gatekeeping bullshit 

I think her point was that because I play a bi character in a video game and am sexuality attracted to some men (the femme ones) I am not allowed to be a lesbian.

And I'm just like "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Gatekeeping bullshit 

What fucking gold star bullshit.

I love that I get it on both ends though. If I say I'm bi or pan, cis het guys slide into my DMs and say I'm just a dyke because I won't date any masculine cishet men.

If I say I'm gayyyyy, lesbians slide into my DMs and be like because you like femme presenting men and enbies you're not a real lesbian.

I hope the two groups meet and hash out my sexuality for me because I'm very tired of being defined by other folks standards.

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