I'm always fucking annoyed at the incels and chuds who celebrate no-fap november because it diverts attention from movember and prostate cancer awareness, while also literally raising the likelihood of getting prostate cancer.


With this in mind I propose we combine the two and call it mofap movember. You have to cum at least once a day onto a moustache to raise money for prostate cancer research. Could be your own, could be someone else's, just make sure you cum AT LEAST once a day.

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@Elizabeth I'm more in favour of No Nut November where it's going to support Testicular cancer/orchis for trans girls.


@mercsilver :3 the pun is good but I want folks to masturbate cause of prostate cancer. Maybe the new meaning of no nut can be tucking them up in the inguinal canals and taping it down but still masturbating cause prostate cancer.

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