Monogamous couples on okc looking for a third are literally the worst.

It's always like "fun couple looking for attractive female" and I'm like "pay a fucking sex worker or find a friend cause folks on okc don't have time for your shit, they're looking for awkward chit chat."

I ain't looking to be a third, or for love, I'm looking for someone to have a disappointing and weird conversation with while also adding me on Facebook.

@Elizabeth The ones that piss me off are the ones that set up a profile just for the wife and don't mention the husband (or that the whole thing was his idea) until you're on the damn date

@Elizabeth I do, but I hate how straight people seem to think that kind of bullshit is okay. Like being straight and monogamous is some kind of license to pull sleazy tricks and try to socially pressure people into having sex.

Of course the core of it is that they don't see non-straight, non-monogamous people AS people, just as objects they can use.

@Elizabeth i mean. not to generalize but, there's a reason they're looking on OKC instead of among people who already know them and are already aware that what they really need is either a good counselor or a breakup or maybe both

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