some girl for a week: "I wanna rp with your character."

*start rping*

"Heyyyy. So, I'm not really feeling it. I don't know if you feel the same, but I kinda feel like our writing styles don't mesh? Been trying, but its just not doing it for me. Is it cool if we say Ruza gave Qah a large bellyful, spent some time with her, then left?"

On the one hand, kinda stung by the rejection and also them leaving mid session after being the one to initiate it.

ON THE OTHER HAND, holy shit I dodged a bullet there eh?

Most of their posts were two to three posts long, basically in the length of 1000 to 1500 characters. I think they were disappointed I wouldn't follow suit.

Friend of mine summed it up best by saying "f you wanna steer the shit and write in style, write fanfic"

The time you're spending per post and the length you're putting out, I might as well not be here anyways.

I wouldn't be as mad but they pulled the "I'm a writer so..." card which, as someone who's written and edited in a professional capacity. :thonking:

Like, shit girl, you badly need an editor if you think a three to four hundred word post is acceptable for role play in a video game.



@Elizabeth this is anarchistic internet Justice that my brain had never considered.

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