You know, since Inatri is pretty quiet, and I'm not sure my editor/partner is paying attention to it, I think I'm finally going to write my clickbait article ranking the top 10 years of the Linux desktop.

Just like stealth publish the worst article ever written because I can't be stopped. Muhahahaha.

I really should decide on a metric to rate them though. Do I go with the years where we got nearest to it actually being the year of the Linux desktop OR do I go with the years that failed to deliver on expectations, because those are two very different lists.


I'd honestly lean towards the latter because discussing the difference between expectations and result ends up being much more cynical and pessimistic than discussing the near triumphs of Linux.

Plus I often like to take the piss of the Linux community since its made up of people who will fervently defend an operating system from all criticism as if this were a holy war and my jokes will cause serious harm to the Foss ecosystem.

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