I wanna try posting here more but i never know what to talk about or just feel like I'm being annoying lmao

Also hi I'm Emma pls feel free to talk to me I am very shy

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@LilyVers it is!! I want to commission a portrait of myself at some point but my fursona ends up getting all the art instead 😅

@Cyboarg that sounds like how people usually do things ^_^() still picrew is a good start!

@HollyFromTheBox got a new pgone today and finished up some music I've been working on! It'll be coming out on my record label soon! :D how about you?

@Cyboarg oh damn, nice!
not much has been going on in my life, really. a couple days ago we found out we got the apartment we wanted, which is amazing news, and we decided we're gonna get a nice little electronic drum kit after the move. so, not too much excitement right now but there's a lot in the near-ish future i'm excited for

@HollyFromTheBox I love playing the drums! What kind of drumkit are you thinking of getting?

@Cyboarg just a basic electronic one from amazon, i think the one Tiana was looking at is made by Alesis

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