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gonna make a "bless this mess" sign and hang it on my gender

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discussing scene planning in my d&d group and it is *so* *hard* to hold in all my kink adjacent joke comments

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Out on a Saturday evening, suddenly realizing im unconsciously changing how i stand and act because Sir's property's behavior should reflect well on him

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am i American public transit? because i should be free and usable at your convenience but capitalism has conspired against that

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My mind just turns completely off when anyone is remotely lewd at me, I love it

It's been 17 minutes since someone flirted with me and I'm literally dying

Have you ever been doing something platonic and fun with a cutie and you suddenly Realize


can't I please have the fun way to manage an oral fixation

racism in the USA 

a friend posted a letter to the editor from his local newspaper from a white person that argued against renaming institutions named after racists because his "grandmother's grandmother was kidnapped from Ireland and sold into slavery in the New World."

Irish slavery in the New World is a racist myth, meant to give white people a talking point against black victims of institutional slavery and racism.

Fedi is an incredible place where people can participate in cybersex and political discourse at the same time

Oh no it's popular, it's gonna bury the notifications from cybering (ó﹏ò。)

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caps, kink 

honestly though not being able to have it pulled is a BIG disincentive for cutting my hair short

how much of my non-horny trend for the last few months is from not having a non-work computer to visit **** from >:(


if you look like you could and would kill me, call me

big noses are hot. don't let white people brainwash you

i believe it was karl marx who said slime girls are so fucking cool

all I want for my birthday is the end of covid, racism, and the american state, and an orgy


come fuck me into the bed and fill me with cum, get me back in the posting mood

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What's patriarchy? 

It's reigning men

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