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ok so about 90% of the time my gender is something that looks a lot like womanhood but isn't (like how oaks are generically less similar to other trees than to roses (iirc)) but then that has the volume turned down basically anyway so let's call it demifemme and my pronouns are she/her but I'd prefer cis people use they/them so they don't think of me as a binary woman, and i present androgenous leaning femme.

And then the other 10% of the time it starts to get complicated...

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hornt adjacent 

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My mind just turns completely off when anyone is remotely lewd at me, I love it

tattoos are just summoning glyphs for your truest self and oh BABEY I'm summoning

is horny music posting a reasonable cw lmao



Big protest tonight in Athens, as today marks 11 years since the killing of Alexis Grigoropoulos by police on #December6 2008.
#Greece #Dec6

Monstrous Regiment spoilers 

elections don't go away because you ignore them. the consequences of elections do not go away because you ignore them. you personally might not be affected by four more years of this shit, but a lot of non-white, vulnerable people like me *will*.

my family lives or dies based on food stamps. we already don't eat consistently because even with food stamps we are exceptionally poor. there is no alternative for someone like me. there is no alternative for a lot of people.

so yeah, joe biden and pete buttigieg are soulless ghouls and i hope either bernie or warren wins the primary because they're the only people who even want to attempt reform, much less the revolution we need. but i'm also not about to fucking starve in the name of upholding some nonsense anti-electoral socialist dogma

as much as white socialists love to equivocate about how both american parties are the same because they're both liberal, capitalist parties, there are very clear material differences in outcomes between the policies of these parties and those material outcomes do fucking matter for people who are otherwise at the fringes of society

a large number of the people who are most receptive to socialism, for example, are people who are basically and completely fucked if trump gets a second term because he wants to gut things like food stamps, what remains of the american welfare state, access to healthcare of all kinds, and other policies which are functionally classicidal

triple A game devs: our world map is 30 times bigger than skyrim! You can go anywhere, climb everything! Environments are lush and each blade of grass is rendered individually!

also triple A game devs: the main character is a white guy with a gun

triple A game devs: in our new game each character is rendered with 15 billion polygons. you can see their individual eyelashes! all environments are fully destructible and there are over 18 quadrillion particle effects on screen at once! we'll reduce your gpu to a smoking crater!

also triple A game devs: what's "narrative cadence"

Me: *posts a post*
Someone: *interacts with that post*
Me: *looks at the notification bubble* Oh shit I did a heck.

I feel immediately alienated from "the Left" when class reductionists go off. Especially when it's not a shitpost and they go on to actually argue that all the issues which have the greatest effect on the lives of "minorities" are class issues. That somehow we're all WRONG and the reason left movements aren't as popular. Isn't it nice when whites blame brown ppl for trying to survive capitalism? /s

So howabout that time Oprah, one of the wealthiest black people in the US, was stalked in a department store as if she was stealing shit? But yeah, go on about how everything can be reduced to class and there's no intersectional oppression. I'm just gonna say it. Class reductionism is one of the many defense mechanisms of the system of racism. I've heard people come back (a lot) with fuck Oprah she's rich but that's the wrong lesson to take. The example isolates variables to show race and class exist simultaneously. Race itself is class-like but built to go below white classes to keep whites the masters of someone.

Free PrEP for the Uninsured 

i'll say this until everyone is sick of hearing it: the business model of companies like google, facebook, twitter, fandom, and so on isn't enabling your access to information, it's controlling it. their goal is a world where exactly 3 web pages exist, you pay a monthly fee for each separately, all of your personal information and content is locked away in the cloud so you have to pay, and their algorithm decides what you're allowed to look at

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